Monday, 5 September 2016


I am thinking about how to 'lock down' the terminology of my practice-based research to fix the use of a fem-concept.
I have used the term 'feminine uncanny' as the focus of the research question but find the feminine negative. I am reading Koloki, A. (2004) Undoing ‘homeliness’ in feminist art: The case of Feministo: Portrait of the Artist as a Housewife (1975-7) which introduces a discussion of Irigeray's use of the work 'feminine'. I am trying to distiinguish:

the subject of the research > me/ my body/ female/ gendered
the contextual lineage of the pratice research > feminist
the subject of the research > (feminine) domestic objects (neg)
and a method that disrupts the relationship between domestic object and female body which could be > feminine uncanny.

I continue to think and write ...

(photo credit Christian Kipp 2014)

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